Born and raised just west of the Rio Grande in Corrales, New Mexico, Eileen Torrez grew up harmonizing to folk music, mariachi ballads and Americana classics. Now an Oakland-based social worker and community organizer, she masterfully blends together neo-soul and R&B elements with the close-knit harmonies of her country roots to form powerful, luscious blends that entrance listeners from the first note. Eileen's lyrical depth and soul-soothing alto voice has earned her comparisons to India.Arie, Joni Mitchell, Emily King, and Tracy Chapman.

Eileen began her recording journey in 2009 with her first 5-song EP, A Leap of Faith. She released another EP in 2013 which would eventually become her first full length album, Honey and Zest. Released in August 2016, the project strikes a balance of country/folk ballads like "Portland" and "It Ain't You" alongside R&B-infused tracks like "The Girl Next Door" and "No One Else".

Eileen's most recent work includes "Sister", a beat-heavy women's empowerment anthem featuring Oakland artist Tabitha Joi, "Freedom Lives", an a capella single dedicated to social movements around the world, and "Work (Who Says You Gotta Go)", the fiery lead single off her upcoming project. Her next solo album, Salt and Water, will be released in summer 2023.

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Eileen Torrez, folk-pop and neo-soul artist based in the Bay Area, from her younger days in the Albuquerque Girl Choir
Eileen Torrez, a Bay Area and San Francisco based songwriter whose music is similar to Emily King, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Nicks, India.Arie, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman and Miranda Lambert.
San Francisco based singer-songwriter Eileen Torrez was born and raised in Corrales, New Mexico.
Eileen Torrez plays live acoustic guitar or full band shows in San Francisco, CA